‘Dexter’s’ Biggest Serial Killer Fan Gets to Watch ‘Dexter’ in Prison


The real reason Showtime’s “Dexter” and the “Dexter” novels on which they are based are so creepy is because they aren’t that far from the frame of reality. Granted, most sane people wouldn’t have such disregard for human life in the name of preserving justice but we all have that thought in the back of our minds that someone might be out there thinking to themselves, “Hmmm, gutting a person like a fish in a Saran-wrapped room, now there’s a capital idea. Where’s my Pocket Fisherman?”.

That person that we all think about, consciously or subconsciously, is Mark Twitchell, a convicted serial killer who dispatched his victims in the same manner as the stab happy Dexter Morgan, played by Michael C. Hall. Don’t worry, though. He’s locked up in a Canadian prison on a life sentence but you won’t believe what the prison is letting him do with his spare time. He’s allowed to watch his favorite show “Dexter” in his cell whenever he wants.

The National Post discovered that Twitchell is allowed to watch reruns of the show he missed because he was being tried for first-degree murder. Police investigators said that the man bound his victims in the same fashion as Dexter by luring his victim into his garage, dismembering the body and tossing the bloody remains into a sewer. Not only that but he can watch it in his prison cell on a flatscreen TV that he purchased along with whatever else is playing on the 60 other cable channels he can access.

Granted, there’s not much harm he can do if he’s in one of Canada’s tightest maximum security prisons but it does feel more than a little wrong to let the man watch anything more harmful than a “Dora the Explorer” rerun. And because I believe God has a really sick sense of humor, I’ll bet his cable connection never gets interrupted because it “lost the signal.”

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    1. K.E. says:

      Jeez. And here I thought NOT killing people would make my life better, yet somehow I don't have cable.

    2. Wtf yo? says:

      Serial killer doesn't apply. He only killed one person. Who rights this crap?

      1. ... says:

        That's pretty rich coming from someone who can't write "writes".

    3. Capi10Kirk says:

      "Where’s my Pocket Fisherman?” is a nonsensical reference to something that you cannot do with this Ronco product. More fitting would be "Where is my fillet knife?" or "Where is my classic 7" Rapala fillet knife?" if you wanted a direct product reference.
      Danny Gallagher should not use fishing references if he has absolutely no idea what he is talking about.

    4. Steve says:

      The author of this article doesn't seem to understand one thing. We need to stop looking at prisons as "Punishment" and start looking at them as a means of containing people who cannot control themselves and as a means of rehabilitation.
      This is why America has the highest incarceration rate in the world. We view prison and jail as a punishment for nearly everything anyone can do wrong. That needs to change.

      1. NoOne says:

        No, Steve, the problem here is that we can't seem to accept that people like this can NOT be rehabilitated. And being locked in prison for life does not necessarily mean they are no longer a threat. They'r still more than capable of harming other prisoners, escape, etc. Being stuffed in a coffin six feet under is the ONLY thing that can 100% contain them. Prison needs to stop treating these inmates like hotel guests and providing them all these amenities. It SHOULD be a punishment to be there. They need to regret every day that they were sent there. It needs to be hell on earth!

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