Dancers of the 2013 NBA Playoffs Conference Semifinals [PHOTOS]

The NBA Playoffs are anything but boring but since this is a sport played in America, the NBA’s doing everything it can to make sure that you keep watching even if your team’s been eliminated. (Wipe those tears away, Clipper Nation.)

So now that we’re in the second round of the NBA Playoffs (professional sport’s most exciting post-season), let’s take a closer look at the ladies responsible for keeping the eyes on the court.

NBA West

Western Conference




Oklahoma City Thunder Girls

Arguably one of the top 5 hottest cheerleading squads in the NBA (Lakers, Bobcats, Hawks, Miami, and ?) the OKC Thunder Girls are exactly what you were hoping the farmer’s daughter would turn out to be.

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    Memphis Banner

    Memphis Grizzlies Grizz Girls

    While Diplo is probably a little upset that the Clippers girls didn’t make it to the second round of the playoffs, the rest of the world is just happy that Memphis has hired some very attractive women to distract you from the double-headed-behemoth that is Z Bo and Marc Gasol.

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      Golden State

      Golden State Warrior Girls

      The Golden State bench might be trying to move in on the Warrior Girls, but these golden girls aren’t going away any time soon. This is a good thing.

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        Spurs Dancers

        San Antonio banner

        San Antonio Spurs Silver Dancers

        Tim Duncan might be the most boring All-Star in the history of the NBA but luckily someone’s getting the crowd excited.

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          NBA East

          Eastern Conference


          Miami Heat

          Miami banner

          Miami Heat Dancers

          The Miami Heat dancers are simply en fuego, which is a shame because they’re wasted on the worst fan base in the sport. But hey, if King James and Co. are going to make it to the Finals again, someone’s going to need to wake the crowd up.

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            Chicago Luvabulls

            Chicago banner

            Chicago Bulls Luvabulls Dancers

            The entire Chicago Bulls team might be out with either “meningitis” or lack of “muscle memory” but the Luvabulls are still going strong.

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              Indiana Pacermates

              Indiana banner

              Indiana Pacers Pacemates Dancers

              As a Knicks fan in an important playoff series right now, the only good thing I can say about Indiana is that they’re somehow responsible for some of the most beautiful women in the United States. It should come as no surprise that this squad is stacked with sleepers.

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                Knicks logo

                Knicks banner

                NY Knicks City Dancers

                While the NY Knicks City Dancers might have one of the worst names for a cheerleading squad in the NBA, they’re far from the bottom when it comes to talent and attractiveness.

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                    1. Ollie Toboggan says:


                    2. They were very hot. Maybe someday I could dance with them.

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