15 Foods That Take Real Guts To Eat [PHOTOS]

You might think you have an iron stomach just because you were able to chug two gallons of egg nog without dying or choke down that “pledge shake” without ralphing, but those substances pale in comparison to the world’s true digestive challenges. [lead image via Shutterstock]

If you really want to show the world that you’ve got an “adamantium” stomach (an upgrade from an iron stomach), try keeping down one of these bad boys.



    1. Capi10Kirk says:

      So your top items are "rotting" or "fermenting" things. That is exactly what we do to age beef and other meats in North America. Fresh is not good it is too tough so we let it age AKA "decompose" for up to two weeks to make it more palatable. So if you have ever eaten quality North American meat it is as "decomposed" as what you list.
      BTW I love meat and have tried most of what you listed, but think you are misinformed and wrote your article by doing a Google Search.

    2. Capi10Kirk says:

      BTW durian is awesome It stinks like old feet, but tastes like sweet butter! If you get past the smell it is DELICIOUS! Should not be number one!!! You obviously have never tried it.

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