12 Movies Where It’s OK For Guys To Cry

You may consider yourself to be a “he-man” who only experiences two emotions, rage and blinding rage, but you’re allowed to show a little tenderness in certain situations. You’re allowed to cry if you drop a bowling ball on your foot and spill your beer in the process. You’re allowed to cry if you accidentally nail a board through your hand and ruin the new finish on your workbench. [lead image via Shutterstock]

You’re also allowed to cry during certain movies. Here’s a handy list of our favorite DVDs and Blu-Rays that should be sold with a box of Kleenex.

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    1. niggaguymanyo says:

      no hachiku?

    2. ray says:

      omg lion king where is that?

    3. Galt says:

      Field of Dreams? When he plays catch with his departed Dad…damn!

    4. John says:

      Brian's Song- everytime

    5. RedInABlueState says:

      Brian's Song? HAS to be on this list

    6. jimmy says:


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