Say Hello To A Woman Who Has Been Arrested 396 Times Since 1978

Impressive, even if Lindsay Lohan is currently on pace to shatter the all-time record.

51-year-old Shermain Miles of Chicago through the years has been arrested for burglary, assault, drug possession and public indecency and convicted on 73 separate occasions. In 1988, she was arrested 25 times and her most recent run in with the law involved “slapping, punching and harassing a number of individuals” on a busy street in Chicago.

Can’t wait to see what she has planned for the momentous 400th.



    1. niggerDad says:

      Wow, and she's black, too. {sarc}

      1. lemerson says:

        A common racial complaint is that there an inordinate number of blacks arrested. Could it be that blacks commit an inordinate percentage of the crimes??? Just curious..

    2. louisewu says:

      Guess what color the most arrested man is???

    3. Paul says:

      Someone just execute her, she is obviously a societal parasite

      1. SJM53 says:

        She knows how to work the system, this is from another article about this lady. No the system is broke, obviously or she wouldn't be on the streets to start with. They say out of the 396 times she was arrested she only has around actual convictions. That says to me that the police falsely arrested her about 323 times.

        Gee I think our tax payer money could be spent on better pursuits.

    4. steve says:

      a new black role model

      "if obama had a sister – it would look like her"

    5. Norm James says:

      Seems to me, the poor women needs help. Instead of doing that, all we can do is try to put her in jail. Looks like the judge knows what's going on.

    6. gary says:

      evidently there is a problem and the woman requires help. the people concerned are the ones that need to be arrested for letting it get this far

    7. Kent says:

      Must be a 400 strike rule in Chicago

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