Girls of Coachella 2013 Week 2 on Instagram [68 PHOTOS]

As if you needed more reasons to make the trip to Indio for The Coachella Valley Music And Arts Festival, here are some absolutely gorgeous women who attended Weekend 2. We highlighted some hotties from Weekend 1 last Monday, but it looks like the Girls of Weekend 2 are giving them a run for their money.

Like we explained earlier, there are a few reasons why most of the women at Coachella are so hot. Not only is it close to Los Angeles (home of nearly every model/actress in the world), the constant buzz around it makes it the destination for music lovers.

And because Coachella makes sure to include a good mix of genres, not every attendee is an 18-year-old E-tard.¬†Of course, you’re trading the bright neon colors of EDM festivals for pseudo-hippies but that’s alright. See why in the photos below.



    1. betty says:

      First of all, these are women, not "girls". Second, you are a male chauvinist "boy". Men are too mature for this kind of sophomoric material.

      1. Mike (Age 38) says:

        You are wrong, men will never grow tired of stuff like this. lol. As if males become men from boys and suddenly don't like gawping at girls / women. Get real, Betty.

    2. Mike says:

      Don't like all the pool party pics / outside the festival pics, those don't count as "Coachella". Only losers pay to go to Coachella and then waste their time at hotels and pool parties. And how do I even know they weren't just at some random hotel or pool?

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