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Ke$ha: Woman Who Won The Week [PHOTOS]


Ke$ha is becoming the white Rihanna or Fergie, but don’t tell Ke$ha that

That she’s white, we mean. She’s definitely going for the chick thug rapper thing, not as tough as Eve, and not as willing to get beat on as Rihanna. (Yes, we went there…if Rihanna had pressed charges we’d have been all for it).

She’s definitely a teeny-bopper, but there’s something slightly different about her. It’s a little weird, but it’s not Lady Gaga weird. Her new song, “Crazy Kids,” is like any other convenience store pop song, except it’s a little mellower, good for stoners. (Happy 4/20 by the way.) And that’s why she won the week: she released her “Crazy Kids,” her third single, the week of 4/20, throwing a bone to stoners the world over.

So check out these pics of her…they’ll give a bone to more than just stoners.

via TMZ

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