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David Ortiz Knows How To Move The Crowd [VIDEO]

So David Ortiz made every Red Sox fan more at ease with being crammed in with 37,000 other targets in Fenway Park

And all he had to do was yell “This is our f**kin’ city” in his signature low, thick voice. Say what you will about how annoying Boston fans are, they’re a pretty tough town and it’s admirable that they all came out to the game today and that Ortiz was so fired up.

However, there were probably some more Boston-y things Ortiz could have said. For example:

“Terrorism is wicked retahded.”

“Chechens are the real Massholes.”

“If we can overcome the Bronx Bombers, we can overcome any bombers.”

“I f**king love clam chowder!!”

“Thank you for not thinking I was the bomber ‘cuz I’m one of the four dark-skinned people in this town!”

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