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See Her Tonight [Daniela Bobadill On Anger Management]

Daniela Bobadill on Anger Management

(9 PM EST, FX)

Maximize your enjoyment this evening by tuning into FX and seeing the beautiful Daniela Bobadill on an all new Anger Management. Daniela plays the character Sam and on tonight’s episode Charlie upsets his neighbors by meeting with his clients at home. Because when you live next to Charlie Sheen and people come over looking for therapeutic advice not in the form of coke and hookers, some red flags are going to fly.

The lovely Miss Bobadill was born in Mexico, raised in Canada and took up acting while in Middle School. You have seen her featured in Smallville, Desperate Housewives and Supernatural. Be sure to give Daniela a follow and a shout out on Twitter @DanieBobadilla.

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