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See Her Tonight [Malin Akerman On SUBURGATORY]

Malin Akerman on Suburgatory


Have the happiest hump day possible by gazing at the beauty that is Malin Akerman on an all new Suburgatory. Malin plays the character Alex on tonight’s Season Two finale that features Sheila pushing a chastity campaign in Chatswin while urging Mr. Wolfe to put on a Chastity Ball at school. Because if there’s one thing that kid’s love and will certainty obey is chastity. Better get those medieval belts ready if they’re going to go through with the ball.

The lovely Miss Akerman is a Sweedish Canadian actress, model and singer who was born in Stockholm but raised in Canada. You have seen her before starring in Wanderlust, Rock of Ages and Watchman. Be sure to give Malin a follow and a shout out on Twitter @MalinAkerman.

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