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See Her Tonight [Rachel Bilson On HEART OF DIXIE]

Rachel Bilson on Heart Of Dixie

(8 PM EST, The CW)

Enjoy your evening by simply staring at the beautiful Rachel Bilson on an all new Heart of Dixie. Rachel stars as Zoe and on tonight’s episode, the townsfolk perform scenes from Shakespeare, and George and Zoe reluctantly agree to portray Romeo and Juliet while Lemon and Wade’s ownership of the Rammer Jammer gets off to a rocky start.

The lovely Miss Bilson is a California beauty and became well known from starring on the series, The O.C. She has also been featured on such shows as That ’70’s Show, Chuck and How I Met Your Mother. Be sure to give Rachel a shout out and a follow on Twitter @RachelBilsonus.

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