Farrah Abraham Made An Intentional Sex Tape [PHOTOS]

This Teen Mom claims she was “immortalizing her youthful physique,” and we’re calling shenanigans on that

There’s no way in hell that a girl who was a reality star when she was 16 and five years later has faded in popularity filmed a sex tape with the most popular male star for her personal collection. She’s a diva. She grew up with Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian as her role models. She made a sex tape for public consumption. As much public consumption as possible.

She has an angle though. Paris Hilton’s reaction was to fake confusion and apathy, the reaction she’d have to a basic geometry problem. Kim’s reaction was to make a face at every camera on her as if she was about to blow the camera guy. Farrah’s playing the innocent card. She’s shocked, angry, as if this defiled her purity.

Hey Farrah, tell your public relations agent that if he wants you to play the innocent card, then he shouldn’t hire James Deen, the best-known male porn star right now, to bone you on film. And don’t try to get him to pretend like he’s dating you. It looks like you took his purity.

In fact, he’s the one who broke the story, probably because he’s got more common sense on his left ball than she has in her entire body. The best part is that Vivid.com has the video and Farrah’s lawyer’s trying to get it back, but initially Farrah wanted $2 million from Vivid for the rights to it. “Personal collection” my ass.

We’ll give her one thing…she is pretty bangin’.

via Huffington Post

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