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10 Telling College Nicknames Schools Probably Don’t Appreciate Having

This morning as we were waiting for our coffee/prescription-ADHD medication to kick in, the office got to talking about our favorite nicknames we’ve heard through the years about various colleges. After realizing that collectively we only knew about three or four, I looked to the web for a definitive list. Surprise, surprise, there wasn’t one.

So we pulled together a questionably-researched list of the ten college nicknames we thought were the funniest. In the eyes of a boring college or university dean most of these would be considered derogatory, but I’m a believer in “there’s no such thing as bad press.”

Truthfully, I’m hoping that there are a lot more that we missed so I’m crossing my fingers that some of our more knowledgeable readers will share their wisdom in the comments section below.

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