Is Beach Bunny’s Melissa Bolona The Next Kate Upton? [PHOTOS]

After weeks of waiting, Beach Bunny has finally announced that Melissa Bolona is the winner of their annual modeling competition. As you might remember when we first announced the three finalists, Melissa is a senior at Pace University set to graduate this spring.

While Melissa’s done quite well for herself, earning a spot as a Sports Illustrated Lovely Lady of the Day and a spread in Vanity Fair, winning this 2012 Beach Bunny model search is a much bigger deal. Previous winners include Xenia Deli (2011) and Jessica Rafalowski (2010), both of whose careers were jump-started after being named “Miss Beach Bunny.”

Beach Bunny’s most famous model, of course, is Kate Upton. And while there are few women in the world who can draw a comparison to Kate, Melissa’s definitely got the looks to be as successful. Check out her hottest photos in the gallery below.

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    1. theNightDrifter says:

      She is no Kate Upton! Not even close. She's too skinny and ugly face

      1. John Mayo says:

        You shouldn't make comments like that. Her face is different than Upton's, but no reason for mean words.

    2. Preacher says:

      I agree. Too skinny. She doesn't measure up to Upton.

    3. June35 says:

      I think she will be better then Upton… she is very gorgeous indeed.

    4. Jesusita says:

      Love reading this stuff. Keep up the good work!

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