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Freestyling Over Violins Needs To Become The Next Big Thing [VIDEO]

Classical Freestyling exists and it is more entertaining than 95% of music that is out there today. The fact that Soulja Boy and Pittbull are relavent and these men are not needs to change immediately. Somebody get them a record contract and an unhealthy addiction to women and money, STAT. They deserve it until their music suffers because of their vices and they lose all their money making it rain.

Never have I wished I paid more attention in Spanish class than I do right now. The guy sounded amazing, but that flow seemed way to smooth and perfect to be credible. I may have only understood “tempo” and “si” but give me a Rosetta Stone, 15 hours and 2 Adderall and I think I’d have a solid chance to B-Rabbit is ass. No me gusta el pantelones en la biblioteca.

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