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The ‘Hump And Dump’ Should Be Everyone’s New Go-To Dance Move [VIDEO]

Say hello to 2013’s Cat Daddy or Crip Walk or Bernie or Electric Slide or whatever the hell it is you kids do these days. Just have to make sure you’re next to a pool. Not a good look if you’re throwing a girl to the ground of a club like you’re Ike Turner.

If anything you have to feel bad for this girl who thought she was dancing with Mr. Right. Who could have imagined the guy who dumped his beer on you then bent you over in public and started dry humping you on camera for your father to see didn’t turn out to be a the one? Sorry, sweetheart. The fedora should have given you all the scouting report you needing to know on whether he’s marriage material or not.

via Barstool Boston

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