See Her Tonight [Katie Findlay On THE CARRIE DIARIES]

Katie Findlay on The Carrie Diaries

(8 PM EST, The CW)

Louisville and Michigan don’t tip off until 9:23 (EST) so there is no excuse whatsoever for not tuning in to check out the beautiful Katie Findlay on an all new The Carrie Diaries. Katie plays Maggie Landers and in tonight’s the first-season finale, Carrie’s plans for the junior prom get altered when secrets come out. Ah, prom drama. Usually nothing that a little slow dance to “I’ll Make Love To You” won’t instantly fix.

The lovely Miss Findlay is a Canadian beauty and curretnly resides in Vancouver. You have seen her before on Fringe, Psych and starring as Rosie on the AMC series that never should have been cancelled, The Killing. Be sure to give her a follow and a shout out on Twitter @katedangerfield.



    1. Sky says:

      Katie Findlay is a great actress, and I'm looking forward to seeing her in this episode of The Carrie Diaries. Unfortunately I missed the episode because I was working at DISH when it aired, but I recorded it. My DISH Hopper can record up to six shows at once during primetime, so I was able to record The Carrie Diaries and my roommates were still able to record all their shows, too. It's great not having to fight over what to record, and I'm looking forward to catching up with Findlay.

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