Chris Bosh Allegedly Robbed Of 340K In Jewelry

According to the Miami-Dade police, Chris Bosh was robbed of over $340k in jewelry (watches, chains, rings) as he was out celebrating his 29th birthday in South Beach.

The news reports state that while Bosh’s house was completely ransacked, the only piece of valuable jewelry left untouched was his championship ring.

This was entirely too thoughtful because I’m not sure how many times Chris can be robbed of a championship ring.



    1. Jewelry is the most common one accessories which can be makes more attractive to all of us. The Chris Bosh was robbed of over $340k in jewelry (watches, chains, rings) in his birthday info is really very enjoyable one lettering to me. I like very much you wrist watches info which is looking great to me.

    2. jewellery says:

      wooh, what's the jewellery can worth 340K. Want to see it.

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