Lindsay Lohan’s Boobs Get the GIF Treatment [30 GIFs]

Lindsay Lohan doesn’t have to be pregnant to draw attention to her boobs, which is good news because she’s not. (On a side note, it’s also good news that she’s not pregnant. When your baby starts crying, it’s not like you can hide under a table)

The Scary Movie 6 star (we’re now using that term very loosely) recently returned to LA from her trip to Brazil, which netted her a cool $100,000 for promoting some clothing line over the course of a few days.

It goes without saying that only someone like Lilo can still rake in six digits after going through all the sh*t she has. But it also goes without saying that she’s still got one of the nicest racks in Hollywood. As long as she keeps drawing attention to that area, people will keep paying attention.



    1. Joey Jojo says:

      I have to admit…I'd still have her. Don't know what it is but she had me at Parent Trap

    2. Paddy81 says:

      Thanks for the gifs! Lindsay is Amazing!! <img src=";;;;;; alt="Free counters!" width="1" height="1" border="0" /> <img src=";;;;;; width="1" height="1" border="0" />

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