Australian Couple Gets Four DUIs In One Day

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DUI is not a crime you want to get charged with. And it’s even worse if you get a second one: usually the penalties increase and you are going to lose your license. If you got hit with two DUIs in one day, that would be a bad day.

At least you can get your significant other to drive you around. Unless, of course, she was also arrested for DUI twice on the same day you were.

An unlikely scenario, but it happened in Australia.

According to, police charged a woman with DUI at around 1pm. “A short time later police stopped the same car which was now being driven by the passenger, a 34-year-old man…. He recorded a breath test reading of .110 per cent and was also charged with drink driving.”

The couple were released and then got back into the same car!

“The man again recorded a positive breath test and was charged with drink driving as well as driving while suspended. Incredibly the couple returned to their vehicle and the woman again got behind the wheel. They were again stopped by police and the woman was charged with drink driving and driving while suspended.”

Remember, kids: a designated driver is only a “designated driver” if the person you dedicate to drive is sober.

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