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There’s No Chance Rutgers Men’s Basketball Coach Mike Rice Has A Job Next Year [VIDEO]

ESPN’s Outside The Lines got their hands on some practice footage from Rutgers University that shows Rutgers basketball coach Mike Rice berating, pushing and using slurs against players.

Now, I’m not one who believes that Division One athletes should be babied but Rutger’s University’s Mike Rice coaches men’s basketball, not dodgeball. He has no defense for throwing the orange at his players’ heads and feet. Nor does he stand any chance of talking his way out of actually kicking his players.

Today’s touchy-feely world is not a world where Bobby Knight would keep a job (and at least he won), so I can’t imagine someone like Mike Rice (lifetime record in the Big East: 44-51) staying employed for much longer.

Also kiddies, take note: no one likes a rat. Eric Murdoch doesn’t come out of this video much better than Mike Rice does.

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