Who Would You Rather Play One-On-One With? Michael Jordan or Barack Obama?

I used to think that Obama was good/pretty decent at basketball until I saw this video from Easter Sunday in which POTUS went 2-for-22. Before today, I had no problems voting for him back to back.

Naturally, this poor peformance got me thinking. Would I rather play the President in a game of one-on-one or play against the greatest of all time? Before I begin, here are the rules for this:

• You’re playing against Michael Jordan or Barack Obama

• The game is 1-v-1

• The game is to 21 (2’s and 3’s)

• You don’t get to ask them any questions about their lives. Trash talking is the only acceptable form of communication.

• In this alternate reality, this game is the only chance you have of meeting either person.

• You’re playing against them “as is” tomorrow

• After the game is over, you don’t get to meet them again ever

• You get a signed photo with the scoreboard at the end of the game

• Street rules apply but you are still subject to the laws of the United States of America (i.e. you’re not allowed to assassinate Barack Hussein Obama)

For a 6’3″ fully-capable baller like myself, the question I’m essentially asked is “Would you rather beat the President of the United States in a game of 1-on-1, or try to score a basket or two on an old MJ?

The answer is Barack Obama.

I like the guy and I voted for him, but there’s still something satisfying about being able to foul the absolute sh*t out of the most powerful man in the world without any interference from the Secret Service. If I play Obama, I win.

If I play Jordan, there’s no guarantee that I score even one basket. His height difference and experience alone are enough to ensure that he can still get his shot off, no problem. Unless I miraculously discover a way to end his mid-range/post game, there’s a good chance the scoreboard is going to read “21-o.” And even if he signs that photo, it’s not going to be the conversation piece I’d like to hang in my front hall.

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