Who Should Be Miss COED April 2013? [VOTING + PHOTOS]

This April’s Miss COED competition is no joke; we’ve got a lot of beautiful models in the mix this month.

Remember, only one model can win the honor of being named Miss COED April 2013, the prize of $500, and the automatic entry to become Miss COED of the Year (2014).

Our voting procedure is still the same. Check out each of the ladies photos by clicking on their thumbnails, then vote for your favorite in the poll below (only once every 24 hours). Voting ends Monday, April 8th @ 12:01 AM EST.

Names (left to right): Lexis Willert, Chelsea Dixon, Elizabeth Tobar

Names (left to right): Angelisa Benitez, Lindsay Hancock, Jess Bonner

Names (left to right): Gabriella Rose, Cassie Cholaki

Names (left to right): Jessika Alaura, Taylor Skye, Christy Noad

Names (left to right): Avery Lee, Anik Bissonnette


Names (left to right): Tricia Tirone, Savannah Brooke




    1. hawk photos says:

      Help Angelisa win Miss Coed April by voting

    2. Mindy says:

      Everyone please Vote for my cousin Angelisa Benitez!
      Best of Luck lady =)

    3. anon. says:

      Jess Bonner!!!!

    4. woooooop says:

      Avery Lee! :)

    5. Lexis says:

      Please vote for me! Lexis Willert! New to modeling, this would be a great accomplishment :) All the girls are gorgeous <3

    6. kyra16 says:


    7. Ryan says:

      Angelisa Benitez´╗┐ is hottest!

    8. mbze430 says:

      WHAT?! Angelisa Benitez looks like a MAN…

      Lindsay Hancock FTW!

    9. Angelica says:

      PLEASE vote for my cousin Angelisa!! She is *11* votes away from being in 1st again!! Thank u!!!

    10. Eugene says:

      Lindsay the best ) Odessa,ua without u ))

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