See Her Tonight [Eliza Coupe On HAPPY ENDINGS]

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Eliza Coupe on Happy Endings


Head into the weekend feeling good about yourself and life by checking out the hilarious and beautiful Eliza Coupe on an all new Happy Endings. Eliza stars as Jane and on tonight’s episode Penny and Max seek to put an end to their nocturnal problem of texting the men in their lives, and turn to a black-market cough medicine to help them sleep. Little do they know that men would probably rather prefer a nocturnal text than a daytime blabber.

The lovely Miss Coupe is from New Hampshire and has been seen in Royal Pains, Community and starred as Denise Mahoney in Scrubs. Give the funny gal a follow on Twitter @Eliza_Coupe and compliment her on dropping heat in her profile pic. Impressive.