Pole Smashes Through Bus Windshield In China Nearly Killing Driver [VIDEO]

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Hot on the heels of that Chinese sinkhole, more dramatic footage from China: a lamppost flying through the windshield of a bus.

According to the video description, “The lamppost toppled after a separate two-car crash in Jiangshan, in China’s eastern province of Zheijang, on Monday afternoon.”

Amazingly, the bus driver showed that though it’s racist to say that all Chinese people look like Jackie Chan, it might not be racist to say they all have the man’s reflexes.  The driver, Mao Zhihao, instinctively ducks out of the way and, despite taking what looks like pretty a severe impact from the pole, has the wherewithal to stand up and shut the bus off.

Explaining it in his own words, he said, “I just wanted to slow the bus down…. I couldn’t see the road, and tried to drive it to one side of the road. The bus hit the guardrails and finally stopped.”

So, yes, the guardrails are the real heroes here, but Mao still deserves a solid pat on the back.