Peep-Infused Vodka Is Perfect For Easter

If there’s one thing Easter always needs more of, it’s vodka. But you can’t just down a bottle of Smirnoff in front of your entire family and make like nothing’s happening. You gotta throw Easter-y crap into the mix — which is why infusing vodka with marshmallow Peeps isn’t just a delicious idea, it’s also a strong tactical play.

The site Baking Bites provides step-by-step instructions for the process. It’s quite simple. You just need about 30 Peeps and a 750 mL bottle of vodka. From there:

“Place all Peeps into a large jar. Fill with vodka. Allow Peeps to marinate in the vodka in the refrigerator for 3-4 days. Vodka can be used as-is, or PeepĀ remnantsĀ can be removed by straining vodka through a coffee filter.”

Boom. You finally have an excuse to sip Stoli on Easter Sunday.

But warning: Don’t go too hard on this concoction or you might be recreating the resurrection of Jesus… You know, nearly dying and not waking up until three days later.

via Laughing Squid

  • MikeCOED Writer