New York State Reveals New Driver’s License They Claim Is Impossible To Forge

I feel somewhat bad for kids under the age of 21 now. Only six or seven years ago, you used to be able to go to Underground Tattoo, pay someone $120-150 (depending on who “referred you”) and leave with a fake Delaware ID (plus a bonus bowl to smoke weed out of).

Now New York State has essentially declared war on fakes with this new ID they’re rolling out. According to the New York Times, this new ID will be “impossible to forge” because:

• The new ID’s will be laser engraved on rigid polycarbonate (harder to forge than the flexible ones)

• The photos are in taken in color but printed in grayscale (more detailed)

• Personal data will be engraved on the card

• A photo of the person will be visible on both the front and back of the ID (like a window)

• 26 other security features that will remain secretive

All this cracking down on fakes really only began after 9/11, so I think it’s fair to say that the terrorists won.



    1. Jalynn says:

      Virgina already does this.

    2. Alex says:

      If most of the methods remain secretive, how will a shop clerk know if a underage kid has a fake ID when buying alcohol? haha

    3. Corey Clewes says:

      Here in Queensland, Australia, we have a chip on our cards that contains all our personal information aswell as some secret questions that we get to select. That shits imposible to forge

      1. nycbass says:

        Yes, but at least your drinking age is 18

    4. bing bang boo says:

      I got my fake id at an arcade in Penn Station in 92, said i was 2 years older so it said 18 instead of 16, not sure what i was even doing, but worked on chicks from other high schools.

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