Bill Gates Has Started A Build-A-Better-Condom Contest

Believe it or not, the condom hasn’t evolved much since the 1930s. We’re basically just wrapping lubricated balloons to our junk. Bill Gates knows that your penis deserves something better.

That’s why he’s started a new $100,000 contest for someone out there without the know-how to build a better condom through the Bill and Melinda Gates’ Foundation’s “Grand Challenges” program.

Apparently, it’s not just for the betterment of mankind. It’s also for woman-kind. Esquire columnist Stacey Grenrock Woods noted that the only condoms made for pleasure are those are filled with heroin. “Condoms, no matter how they boast, aren’t for anyone’s please, only the prevention of pain.”

The grant contest doesn’t just want to develop a condom that can effectively prevent pregnancies and the spread of sexually transmitted diseases. It also aims to produce a condom that can make the experience more pleasurable for both participants. If they can produce one that makes you think you’re doing it with Kate Upton, then we’ve got another Nobel prize in humanities on our hands.

via Esquire

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    1. Greg B says:

      I don't know. A Microsoft condom? I mean, to begin with, neither "Micro" nor "Soft" should appear in the name of any condom you want to sell. Second of all, are you going to have to randomly stop and "reboot" at various unpredictable intervals?

    2. Christopher Pruett says:

      If we could make a synthetic skin without pores. It would feel more realistic. Probably have to use a water based lubricant for packaging.

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