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See Her Tonight [Alloy Ash On FAST N’ LOUD]

Alloy Ash on Fast N’ Loud

(9 PM EST, Discovery)

Start your week off the best way possible by checking out the gorgeous tattooed actress and model Alloy Ash on an all new episode of Fast N’ Loud. Alloy is going to be showing off her gas monkey skills on the addicting show that features two hardcore Texans, Richard Rawlings and Aaron Kaufman, as they search for run-down cars, and restore them for profit.

Other than showing her beauty off as an actress, model and promo girl, the lovely Miss Ash is also a famous tattoo shop owner from Detroit. She also loves to weld, which is pretty damn awesome. Definitely check out her website, Facebook fan page, Tumblr account (GREAT stuff and photos there) and be sure to follow and say hi on Twitter @AlloyAsh.

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