Cheerleaders of the 2013 NCAA Sweet Sixteen [PHOTOS]

And then there were 16.

For teams like Florida Gulf Coast or La Salle, making it to the Sweet 16 must be a dream come true, but it’s these two teams’ attractive cheerleaders who help make it a real cinderella story.

Truthfully, we’re upset that neither Memphis nor Pittsburgh could make it this far (you saw last week’s post right?) but it’s called March Madness for a reason–you gotta take the good with the bad.

Luckily for you, every cheerleading squad that’s left we’d categorize as “sweet.” See for yourself and then vote for which school you think has the hottest cheerleaders in the polls before the fourth round begins on March 28th.


Marquette (3) vs. Miami (2)

Location: Washington D.C. | Channel: CBS

Date: 3/28 | Time: 7:15 PM EST

Indiana (1) vs. Syracuse (4)

Location: Washington D.C. | Channel: TNT

Date: 3/28 | Time: 9:45 PM EST


Arizona (6) vs. Ohio State (2)

Location: Los Angeles | Channel: TBS

Date: 3/28 | Time: 7:47 PM EST

Wichita State (9) vs. La Salle (13)

Location: Los Angeles | Channel: TBS

Date: 3/28 | Time: 10:17 PM EST


Louisville (1) vs. Oregon (12)

Location: Indianapolis | Channel: CBS

Date: 3/29 | Time: 7:15 PM EST

Michigan State (3) vs. Duke (2)

Location: Indianapolis | Channel: CBS

Date: 3/29 | Time: 9:45 PM EST


Kansas (1) vs. Michigan (4)

Location: Arlington, TX | Channel: TBS

Date: 3/29 | Time: 7:37 PM EST

Florida (3) vs. Florida Gulf Coast (15)

Location: Arlington, TX | Channel: TBS

Date: 3/29 | Time: 10:07 PM EST



    1. Todd says:

      Do you really have to look at the gallery to know that South Florida has more attractive women than Wisconsin?

    2. Chris Tucker says:

      wow is there a bad cheerleader?, I'd let any of them sit on my face

    3. Will says:

      Oh to be in college again, well to be that correct age and in college again.

    4. CJ in Austin says:

      The Miami cheerleaders in the gallery are NOT the ones that showed up in Austin this past week. I went to the games and was astonished that Shamu was one of the cheerleaders

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