Tonight’s March Madness Action: Gonzaga Toys With Some Redneck School [PHOTOS]

Kelly Olnyk

Tonight is probably going to be a pitstop on Gonzaga’s road to the Final Four, if not the Championship.

Look, Wichita State is a fine team that might send a player or two to the NBA, but they’re probably going to get their clock cleaned by a giant hippie and John Stockton’s son tonight. Gonzaga’s got its eyes on the prize this year, and it’s going to be a hell of a fun time watching them rub one out on the Shockers on the court.

We dare you to disagree.

Take a look at the players who make things happen on both teams.



    1. Rick Hansard says:

      Lol someone forgot to tell the rednecks they were gonna lose LOL

    2. Rich Stephens says:

      As one of those "red neck" boys from Kansas,I would like to point out the 8 NAIA basketball championships,11 NJCAA championships, 6 NCAA baketball championships. Wichita State won the 2011 NIT and also Knocked off KANSAS in the sweet sixteen in 1981. It's true that we are no "powerhouse", but to refer to us as red neckmakes me laugh!. Our alums include 6 NBA and 12 MLB. Not to mention Bill Parcells, several University and college presidents, the founders of Pizza Hut and Garmin,congressmen,Representatives, The Assistant Secretary of the Army and The Deuty governor of Nigeria! Small "underrated" school(yes) Redneck? Absolutely not! Walk on home uneducated man!

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