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The 9 Dumbest Crimes Committed By Pro-Athletes

Just because athletes are paid millions of dollars on top of their annual performance bonuses, endorsement deals and personal appearances doesn’t mean that their brains got them there.

Having any ounce of intelligence seems to be less and less of a prerequisite for entrance in the NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL. They are committing so many misdemeanors and felonies these days that it’s starting to make “Sportscenter” look like a tamer episode of Nancy Grace’s nightly horrorshow. Of course, some strive to reach new levels of dumbness off the field as if they were competing for some kind of Heisman Trophy of Boobery (may I humbly suggest calling it The O.J. Simpson Award for Excellence in Achievement of Lower Levels of Human Athletic Intelligence sponsored by Pabst Blue Ribbon?)

These are the lowest of the low…

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