Sexy Yoga Pants Girls Get The GIF Treatment [45 GIFS]

Yoga pants are back in the news! Or in the news for the first time. I cancelled my subscription to my yoga trade magazines so I’m not up on all the yoga stuff anymore.

As reported in the New York Times, clothing brand Lululemon Athletica produced yoga pants so thin that they are accidentally see-through “leading to a product recall [with] an expected hit of around $60 million in lost sales.”

Seem like now’s a good time to go back and inspect as many pairs of yoga pants as possible for quality control.

These 45 GIFs are a good place to start.

You can continue your yoga pants research here.

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    1. red014 says:

      Rather large dildo on the bureau in #8…

    2. @BeebeLisa says:

      American actress Ashley Greene Sweaty Yoga Pants Workouts continue for upcoming movie role..

    3. Billy says:

      What is #2 and 40 from?

    4. Garcia says:

      Outstanding! Who is #10? She is a goddess.

    5. Alfonso says:

      Definitely seen a few of these in pornos..

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