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See Her Tonight [Becca Tobin On GLEE]

Becca Tobin on Glee


Admit it, 9 o’clock your bracket is already going to be busted. Might as well take a break from March Madness and take a gander at the beauty that is Becca Tobin on an all new Glee. Becca plays the character Kitty on tonight’s episode that features the students performing songs that they are usually too embarrassed to admit they love. If there’s any meaning to life then You Got It (The Right Stuff), Teenage Dream, and the theme song to Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego? would just be sung repeatedly during the episode.

The lovely Miss Tobin is a Southern belle from Georgia and has burst on the scene recently in a big way with her role as Kitty on Glee. Becca was also featured on Broadway in the hit show, Rock of Ages. Be sure to give her a follow and a shout out on Twitter @becbecbobec.

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