Who Says Soccer is Boring?: TV Cameras Catch Fan Suckering Punch Some Poor Bruce

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Soccer doesn’t have as big of a following in America as it does in other countries. That’s because there is usually more actions going on in the stands than on the field.

Soccer fans are an uproarious bunch. They constantly get into fist fights and broken bottle battles, clash with riot police and even storm the field and try to tear the stadium out of its very foundation and that’s if their team actually wins the game.

A recent broadcast in Australia caught some of the ways the fans celebrate their love for the game on camera. A camera capturing the events of the A-League bout between Western Sydney and Melbourne panned through a shot at the fans cheering their hearts out when one of them suddenly jumps up and smacks the other dead in the face. A full-on scuffle ensued just as the control booth switched to a camera that was focused on the field.

via Total Pro Sports