Spain Knows How To Make ‘Snow White’ Way More Badass [VIDEO]

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Look, most foreign films are boring, and you only see them for one reason.

That reason, of course, is that you haven’t closed the deal yet with a girl, or you’re working hard on that threesome and need to get in her good graces. Okay, obviously there’re the crazy asian revenge and ninja flicks, but those don’t count. Any foreign film with at least ten total minutes of violence is an honorary American movie.

The worst American movies are remakes of tired stories: “Alice in Wonderland,” “Oz,” and “Mirror Mirror” come to mind. That last one is a lame retelling of “Snow White and The Seven Dwarves,” one of the most boring children’s stories of all time. So when we heard about a Spanish director doing a remake of Snow White, “Blancanieves,” our first thought was, “a foreign film version of a s—y children’s story? F–k the f–k no.”

But Pablo Berger knows what he’s doing. He’s Spanish. What’s the only manly thing that the Spanish do? Bullfighting. So you have Snow White, she’s the classic weakling in every story, waiting for the prince to save her. Pablo makes that chick a bullfighter. You got seven dwarves, seven weaklings who don’t mind being totally in Snow White’s friend zone. Pablo makes them all bullfighters. So now a woman and seven little people are going to fight bulls.

You might need to watch this movie.

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