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March Madness Would Be Much More Exciting If They Played It With This Exploding Basketball [VIDEO]

There’s a theory in sports that goes a little something like this: every sport would be better if something in that sport exploded.

Soccer can be long and tedious until fans start throwing explosives on the field (which the do — good work, soccer fans!) The Super Bowl was a boring blowout until that transformer exploded and the power went out and then everything got exciting. Exploding golf balls are the funniest gag gift of all time!

And now, going viral this week, this video of some crazy kids who overinflated a basketball until it exploded when they bounced it.

Yes, March Madness is already exciting, so maybe adding exploding basketballs is a little over the top. But it could definitely add some excitement to those sh*tty conference tournaments.

I’m looking at you, Big South!

via Viral Viral Videos

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