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12 Games That Can’t Come Soon Enough

Gamers are a patient bunch. We wait years for studios to finish highly anticipated games that are long past their original release date and endure delay after delay because we know the amount of effort, passion and cocaine-infused cola that is required to bring their dreams to life.

Some games, however, have tested the limits of our patience either by taking way too long to finish or by just being too cool for us to wait any longer for their inevitable or long delayed resurrection.

These are the games that make us wish we had some way to control the laws of time and space so we could speed up their release dates, despite the moral consequences of outliving our loved ones or messing with the fabric of time to fulfill our personal entertainment needs…



    1. drake says:

      You left out Bioshock 3 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. Snipe says:

      Yeah, because I know when I'm trying to argue about the future of fighting games, the first thing I'm going to mention is a new game by the guys who made Mortal Kombat 9. Not really a slight against them. Just very telling of your eagerness to include games that will get your article hits. (also found in your really generic GTA5 entry)

    3. azon says:

      why would you not include bioshock infinite? weird

    4. ToddElia says:

      What? No love for Half-Life 3? The original single-handedly revolutionized the game industry.

    5. Jack says:

      As a gamer, none of these really interest me. I mean, DOOM 4 – really? DOOM1&2 were good because they were the first of their genre and they did it right. There was nothing exciting about the release of DOOM3 and there won't be any hype for DOOM4.

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