Now All The Glassware You Own Can Be Red Party Cups

Life should one long party. And now it can be with red party cups for every single drinking occasion.

The company Red Cup Living makes red party cups for any type of party — including fancy dinner events and even eye-openers: they’ve recently added a 14 oz. wine cup, 15 oz. margarita cup, 12 oz. cocktail cup and 12 oz. coffee mug to their collection.

Better still, all these cups are washable and reusable — though any good bachelor has been washing even their disposable red cups since college.

via Foodbeast



    1. The idea of a plastic glassware inspired cups is awesome but for fancy parties it is still appropriate to use a real glass for the glass-wares.

      1. Julian says:

        It may use for gift, because ninety percent of the world enjoys at least three red cups of coffee a day and red is mostly associated with winners, love and joy.

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