Who Would Want A 4-Story Mirrored Slide In Their Apartment? Crazy Rich People, That’s Who [PHOTOS]

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Crazy Condo

The rich: they can afford all the finest things in life. Including, apparently, the best psychedelic drugs.

That’s the only reason I can conceive of to explain how a childless couple would renovate a New York City penthouse apartment to include “a four-story mirror polished stainless steel slide,” as The Daily Mail describes it. You can see the slide sailing by what I can only assume is not an Ikea couch above.

Oh, but it doesn’t stop there: the complete renovation of the space also means “ladders lead to hidden lofts, a swing dangles in front of a fireplace and a climbing wall makes pre-breakfast exercise a breeze.” Not too mention that “even the couple’s cats have their own adventure playground, with secret passageways built into the walls.”

We’ve included a gallery of photos of the apartment below. If you look closely, you might also be able to see their secret stashes of psilocybin mushrooms everywhere.

via The Daily Mail / images via Bloomberg