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See Her Tonight [Parminder Nagra on PSYCH]

Parminder Nagra on Psych

(10 PM EST, USA)

It’s hump day. We’re all cranky for the weekend. That’s why you need to get through the middle of the week in style by checking out the beauty that is Parminder Nagra on the very underrated show, Psych. Parminder plays the character Rachel on an all new episode that features Juliet going undercover on a dating site while Shawn tries to contain his jealousy.

The lovely Miss Nagra hails from England and rose to international prominence in 2002 after starring in Bend It Like Beckham. You may have also seen her featured in the TV shows Alcatraz and ER. Be sure to give her a follow and a shout out on Twitter @parmindernagra.

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