Who Should Be Miss COED March 2013 [VOTING + PHOTOS]

It’s a shame that February was such a short month because we in the middle of featuring so many beautiful Miss COEDs. Obviously we’re going to keep that forward momentum going, but the end of a month means that it’s that time for our readers to choose who they want to see win Miss COED March 2013.

As we explained last month, the woman who you choose to win Miss COED of the Month not only moves onto the Miss COED of the Year 2014 voting, they also win a cash prize of $500. So who do you want to walk away with the big prize? Let everyone know in the poll at the bottom.

Our voting procedure is still the same. Check out each of the ladies photos by clicking on their thumbnails, then vote for your favorite in the poll below (only once every 24 hours). Voting ends Tuesday, March 12th @ 12:01 EST.

Katelynn AnsariJyl MarieMichelle Marie

Names (left to right): Katelynn Ansari, Jyl Marie, Michelle Marie

Meena MaeSummer RossNina Jade

Names (left to right): Meena Mae, Summer Ross, Nina Jade

Brionna WessonJenny Lam

Names (left to right): Brionna Wesson, Malorie Hipp, Jenny Lam

Zoe PinheiroElizabeth DeoTailyr Monette

Names (left to right): Zoe Pinheiro, Elizabeth Deo, Tailyr Monette

Nateasha NicoleAmanda PachecoCatie Holtz

Names (left to right): Nateasha Nicole, Amanda Pacheco, Catie Holtz

Ashley RoseinitiateOverlay(overlayGallery544303)Lilly Victoria

Names (left to right): Ashley Rose, Lilly Victoria



    1. Eris M. says:

      Well, it's quite obvious Miss Summer found a way to cheat your system CoEd! By far the most unattractive of the lot. I'm certain we'll be seeing girls like Ashley Rose (the real winner), Catie, Malorie and Katelynn in work beyond these online contests. Whereas Summer, this is as good as it's gonna get for you. Enjoy and congrats!

      1. brpartygirl says:

        Thanks for saying what everyone’s been thinking! I can’t find a single dude @ my school that voted for Summer. I thought this was Co-Ed Magazine, not Cougar Magazine! Since when did greasy hair & bad, scary makeup become sexy? My friend never even made it to the top 5 but, I agree (and so does she) that Ashley should have been the actual winner! Enjoy your cash prize Summer, that’s all you get.

      2. Bobby says:

        Dang! That's harsh! (but funny) They haven't even announced the winner yet! Good luck to everyone, you're all beautiful!

      3. Guy P. says:

        Yes, its suspicious but, someone must find her attractive or she wouldnt have been in the running to begin with. Wait until they say who won before getting your undies in a bunge! This will NOT make or break anyones modeling career.

    2. Karl says:

      Come on people, I'm sure she's really pretty in person. Although, I have pics of my 6 yr old iguana that are way hotter! I might submit them for Miss Coed April 2013! Watch for Ingrid the Iguana and vote-vote-vote!!!

    3. caityf7764 says:

      Wow guys. You are all real class acts. All of these girls are beautiful, and as a matter of fact Summer is one of the only girls who didn’t have cell phone style pictures in a modeling competition. Good luck all!

      1. johnku30 says:

        I think these people are f*ckin nut or poor losers. Summer by far has the best tits. Some of the girls care fugly, some cute, but she is the only sexy 1. My whole frat voted for Summer. I’m sure CoEd picks who they want to win but it should b her by a landslide

      2. damianbxr says:

        Summer is by far the hottest girl I’ve ever met. She cards for some of my events and had the whole crowd voting for her. Best body and photos here and she campaigned her ass off. If she doesn’t win the competition is be.

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