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These Photos Of Drake At A Strip Club Are Exactly What You’d Expect To See In Photos Of Drake At A Strip Club [27 PHOTOS]

Rappers and strip clubs: it’s a cliche that dates as far back as when rappers started making money from rapping.

So Drake, never one to cover any new ground creatively in his craft, recently went into a Charlotte strip club and made it rain to the tune of $50,000, at least according to TMZ.

The photos are pretty crazy — if only for the amount of money that ends up on the floor.

But what’s more shocking is that Drake and his friends don’t appear to be GETTING anything for their money. Where are the lap dances? Where’s all the T&A?!??

Based on what we’re seeing here, they might as well be making it rain in a slightly racy Ruby Tuesday.

But hey, at least Drake got some nice photos to look at out of his investment. Lucky for you, you can see them for free below…

via Reddit

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