7 Futuristic Vaporizers You Can Buy Today

Prepare to have your mind blow’d, the future of “smoking weed” isn’t going to involve smoke.

That’s right, vaporizers are moving onto the scene in a big way. People have already been using them in their homes but new technology is bringing them out of the home and into the streets. Not only do vaporizers smell less than smokeables, they’re incredibly inconspicuous and easy to use.

The good news for you as a consumer is that while vaporizers are only going to get better, there are plenty of great options today. Here are 7 vaporizers whose futuristic characteristics set them apart from the pack.

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    1. jesse says:

      You are forgetting the burners. The small click vapes. They are exactly like the whispr but way cheaper and not made of plastic. They have burners at these are just as good as those expensive ones for about a third of the cost. These markups are only making these guys rich. They are not helping to get people medicated. Which is all that should matter.

    2. K.T. says:

      Who says they have to help anybody get medicated? They sell tools to smoke and vape with to make money. They aren't obligated to to sell at a price to just be nice. If people don't pay it so be it. I agree there are much cheaper units but not so sure you will get a better product. You really do get what you pay for,especially with smoking supplies.

    3. Andres says:

      I'm going to assume you've never used any of these, because the miVape never actually released.

    4. shtrumphu says:

      Kinda expensive…I mean, look at the e-cigs how cheap they are, and in the end you can use those for the same purpose, right?

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