Adidas Doesn’t Want You To Enjoy The NCAA Tournament [PHOTO]

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In the early ’90s, for some reason Zubaz became popular, and everyone looked like Joey Buttafuoco for a few years.

Now, our d-bag friends at Adidas have decided to bring ‘em back for a few lucky NCAA teams, like the ones pictured above. Some of those teams are favorites to make the March tournament, so we’re going to be seeing those ugly guido shorts for the next month or so.

We think the funniest of these might be the Notre Dame jerseys, which make the “Fighting Irish” seem like the “Gold-Hoardin’ Leprechauns.” The ones for Baylor and Louisville aren’t horrendous, mainly because the gnarly Zubaz stripes blend in to the bright color scheme. Which means that Baylor and Louisville players will be a hit at gay clubs the world over.

via CBS Sports

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