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A Preview Of Jimmy Kimmel’s Post-Oscar Special [VIDEO]

Sometimes the Oscars can be fun to watch, but knowing that Jimmy Kimmel’s doing a live show right afterward makes even the bad ones good.

After last year’s Academy Awards, Kimmel presented us with one of the funniest star-studded parody videos of all time, and that’s a genre The Lonely Island crew’s supposed to own. Even with all the celebrity cameos, Kimmel uses his simple, subtle humor to maximum effect. And just like Hollywood does with anything it makes that’s remotely successful, Kimmel’s going to be wheeling out a sequel to “Movie: The Movie,” “Movie: The Movie 2V.”

The difference between Kimmel and the rest of Hollywood is that Kimmel can be trusted to make something funny. Don’t believe us? Watch the preview above.

via Jimmy Kimmel Live

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