Jimmy Kimmel Gets Owned By 2-Year-Old Basketball Trick Shot Master [VIDEO]

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Remember Titus — the 2-year-old we posted about back on Feb. 5th, declaring that he had made the greatest basketball trick shot video of all time?

Well that video now stands at nearly 9 million views on YouTube.

So great is his fame that last night he was invited onto Jimmy Kimmel Live, where Jimmy challenged the tyke to a shooting contest (seen above).

I actually found this really intriguing. The big question with trick shot vids is always, how much editing did they do? In fact, in Titus’s case, the parents admitted that the video culled together clips from “between 18 and 24 months old.”

However, what first sealed the deal for me in the original video is where Titus hits 7 shots in a row unedited.

And now you know his parents believe in his skills because they put him on live TV challenging a grown man. Yes, the grown man is Jimmy Kimmel, not LeBron James, but even Kimmel is given some help with a low rim.

Sure enough, Titus owns Kimmel, and puts on an impressive performance in his own right, nailing his first 3 shots and shooting 67% from the floor before Jimmy starts blocking him.

All hail Titus — the white Tiger Woods of basketball.

Watch the first part of the segment here.

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