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9 Sega Dreamcast Games That Deserve a Comeback

Sega’s flagship video game console didn’t last very long under the long shadows cast by Microsoft’s Xbox and Sony’s PS2. However, unlike the Phillips 3DO and Nintendo’s Virtual Boy, they are actually missed.

The console gave gamers another option for their time wasting needs that had hardware and graphics almost as good as games from their neighborhood arcade. They also had a slew of awesome titles that couldn’t be found or replicated on any of the other consoles. Then, in 2001, it got up and walked out of our lives like so many hot, geeky women who are tired of just feeling like another collectible in some fat nerd’s life. It was nother one of those things that fanboys take for granted, gone.

These days, some of the console’s top-tier games have found their way back to the home consoles with digital re-releases of Crazy Taxi, Jet Grind Radio and Sonic Adventure 2. Hopefully, these titles will show their pretty faces in our line of sight once again…



    1. Falthor says:

      the ultimate downfall of the dream cast wasn't the system, or the competition from PS2 and Xbox… ultimately it was because they had absolutely nothing in place to stop someone from pirating a game, and as anyone int he industry knows, these companies RARELY make money off the hardware, the money is in the games and accessories. Hell Sony only started making money off selling PS2 hardware shortly before the launch of the PS3…

      But when you put together a groundbreaking console, and don't find a way to copy protect your disks, and a way for a console to recognize a burned disk? the money just disappears, and the system goes away. It was a sad day indeed.

    2. Aeroth says:

      I would like to see a big Shenmue comeback.

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