20 Darlings of the Daytona 500 [PHOTOS]

This weekend, the NASCAR descends on Florida for the Daytona 500 aka “The Great American Race.” And who better to lead the pack than Danica Patrick who this week became the first woman to ever qualify for a NASCAR pole position? No one.

Sure, it’ll be hard to peel your eyes off of Danica and her bright green Chevy SS, but by no means is she going to be the only looker at the track. Throughout the race’s history, there have been plenty of hotties associated with the Daytona 500.

Make sure to tune into the Daytona 500 on Sunday, February 24th @ 12:00 PM EST on Fox







    1. Guest says:

      So disappointed in Danica Patrick….tacky and unecessary pics! How can we take her seriously?

      1. DLF says:

        Although I understand where you are coming from, I do disagree. I find nothing wrong with her showing she is a beautiful woman able to compete in this sport. And how can we take her seriously… well she just won the pole in the Daytona 500 I think that action speaks louder than a bikini top.

      2. roll says:

        Most of us don't take you seriously. Go Danica, do it your way.

      3. BPS says:

        How can you take her seriously ??? How can you NOT take her seriously. She qualified for the pole position in the DAYTONA 500!!! THAT is how you take her seriously.

        The fact that the camera loves her on and off the track doesn't detract from her ability as a driver.

        When you can take the pole position in any NASCAR race, I will agree that you have a place to stand as a qualified critic. Until then … recognize her talent and her guts to risk her life driving 150+ mph on a tough banked track with lots of other drivers "gunning" for her.

      4. Get a grip. says:

        You are so right. And if I had a body like that I would be the first one to pose in pics like that! And be very proud of it too!

    2. Jason says:

      If you had the ability to drive a race car like she does and then get out and make pictures like that and make more money I am sure you would. This is NASCAR, a sport started from moonshiners tweeking their cars to outrun law enforcement, and is just a sport. There are serious implications for not constantly upgrading safety in this sport, but that is said for any sport. So, while you are bad mouthing her just sit back, enjoy the spectacle, and then look up more photos of her on the internet like I know you will.

    3. Getting Disgusted says:

      I think this is just awful taste in these womwn. Nascar is suppose to be a family oriented sport. This sure looks more like a playboy spread. Shame on Nascar for even letting this such trash be published. We watch Nascar for respect for our drivers and you don't see Tony Stewert or Dale Jr spreading it all. Dana just lost all my respect and I was kinda starting to respect her as a driver , welll not anymore. I don't care what her bra size is i just want to see if she can drive . Now I don't care if she can drive. Nascar needs to make up their mind either they are family or not.

      1. Bee says:

        You said it. There are only a few who have respect for themselves. Nascar needs to quit pushing sex. Thanks to the few who had clothes on, Jr's girlfriend and Ryan's wife have class.

      2. Really says:

        OmGoodness, Dale, Tony, and just about all the racers have photo shoots, problem is they don't have boobs. If your on the beach you will see more of what she has shown. So get your head out of the sand. It's marketing she's getting rich out of showing her bathing suit.

    4. Samantha says:

      Hardly the "20 Darlings of Daytona." Half are actual WAGs or Miss Sprint Cups (and women like Ingrid and Samantha modeled professionally or semi-professionally before they ever met their other halves), and the other half are women who aren't even currently associated with drivers. Give me a break. As for calling the photos trash – you're certainly entitled to your opinion, but remember that most of these women ARE models and take pictures like this for a living. I only wish I could be pretty enough that someone wanted pictures of me.

    5. Bee says:

      Nascar needs to quit paying big bucks for the women they use at the in winner circle. When a driver wins we could care less about some woman standing there trying to look pretty, it takes away from the important things. I do not want them in my pictures, I am looking for drivers and teams who mean something to the sport. Show us wives, girlfriends and children this is suppose to be a family sport. If Danica is going to drive she needs to quit with the sex bit and her relationships while just leaving her husband. This does not help Nascar image.

    6. Bee says:

      I missed Casey Mears wife, she has class also.

    7. skc says:

      Of course the guys watching it think her pictures are 'just great'. You're right about one thing..she needs to show us she can drive, and riding on the shirt tails of the other drivers isn't 'good driving'. Give me a break. I'm a female in a predominantly male field..pipefitter..and I'd never act like that to get in a better position. I WORK and am good at my job, not because I walk around showing off my cleavage and sleep with the guys there.

      1. roll says:

        You seem to be jealous. The girl can drive the car equal to the boys. She just looks bettet than them and other women drivers.

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