The Man Who Invented The Long Island Iced Tea Gets The PBS Interview He Deserves [VIDEO]

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Where are your tax dollars going? If you said, “For Public Broadcasting to interview the inventor the Long Island Iced Tea,” you’re correct!

I mean, that’s not where ALL your tax dollars are going, but that’s where some of them are going, because PBS just put this video up on YouTube today.

In a somewhat tangential story, one time driving down the highway in California, I saw a massive car accident happen in front of me. A guy hit another car and jumped the divider, flipping his car. Being a responsible citizen, I pulled over to see if everyone was alright and then stuck around as a witness.

When the cops pulled up, they asked the driver the usually question, “Have you been drinking?” The driver responded, “I just had one Long Island Iced Tea.”

If the cops ever ask you if you’ve been drinking, never answer that you just had one Long Island Iced Tea. #WordsToLiveBy

By the way — yes — his name is Bob Butt.

via Laughing Squid